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Travel-rs: Your Travel Website

Travel-rs is a website that talks about many different topics. Above all, as it can understood from the name, there is the travel topic. In fact, the site has a big section dedicated to cities and European states, but not only that. The articles, as it can noticed from the well structured archive, are split into categories, based upon which continent they are a part of. Being other components in this website, the section dedicated to travel is called “travel with us”. On the right, we can see the different categories, where each one is dedicated to a different continent or a portion of the world.

All articles are written in English and are very well written. High definition images complete the texts, making the user experience very easy and intuitive. The site scrolls fluently and the pages open quickly. Fortunately, there are not very long waiting periods, which happens often for sites that have a big audience and traffic. The homepage is divided in two parts. On the right we can find the navigation bar, which allows to search for old articles, both by looking for the name of city and by simply choosing the part of the world we want to travel to. 

The most important part of the site is, without the shadow of a doubt, what can be found on the left and on the central part. In fact, all articles are listed in the homepage and can be selected by clicking on the cover picture. This brings us to talk about another important aspect of the site: graphic. Graphic is made, with every probability, by a professional and expert graphic designer. This can be said for two reasons. First of all, the pictures are very high quality and show beautiful sceneries; second of all, their disposition does not seem to be casual, but it appears that it is properly designed to enhance the user experience. 

Let’s talk about the structure of the single articles. By clicking on some examples on the hompage, one can see a recurring method of writing, which produces a linear and smooth transaction during the entire site exploration. All the pieces are divided into paragraphs and each paragraph is dedicated to an historic piece of art, to a monument, to an experience or to a typical restaurant of the selected city. Furthermore, immediately below the title of the paragraph, it appears always a high definition image, which represents the subject of the paragraph itself. Even after opening an article, there is always the possibility to see the right bar, which allows to navigate the rest of the site. 

The only slightly negative things is the time frame of the articles. In fact, on the bottom of every picture that introduces a piece, there is the date of when it was released, besides the other social indicators. If we concentrate on the day of publication, we can noticed that in the Summer of 2016, there was an explosion of content, which went down a bit in the next month. In fact, the first article on the homepage, which is also the last one which was published, is from the 5th of August 2016 and talks about Galway. So, from a well done site like this, people would always want to have some new content to read and new “digital trips” to undertake, but it is fine. In fact, the quality comes before the quantity and it is better to be able to have less articles, but with an excellent content, that to have tons and tons of useless articles. Probably, the site’s authors right now  are more dedicated to other section of the site, which are also very interesting as well. 

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