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Find Beauty and Wonder in Lake Bohinj

Find Beauty and Wonder in Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj is the perfect epitome of a beauty that lies deep within, not instantly obvious to the naked eye. Nestled in Slovenia’s mountainous Upper Carniola region shadowed by the Julian Alps, the lake boasts of rugged and untouched natural beauty that can rival the classical alpine villages dotting the countryside of southern Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. The place also serves as the home to a plethora of charming villages, spectacular views, and sparkling lakes. 

Where is Lake Bohinj?

A big part of the lake can be found in Triglav National Park, which is the country’s one and only national park. The lake is usually overshadowed by Lake Bled, its more famous cousin that is just a mere 30-minute drive away. 

Sitting in the northwestern region of Slovenia, Triglav National Park got its name from Triglav, the primary peak that is also the highest mountain in Julian Alps. This glacial lake can be found at the southern part of Mount Triglav. 

While the closest major city is Bled, there are plenty of tiny villages surrounding Lake Bohinj that are all worthy of a visit. Every village you can find around and near the lake can give you a one of a kind way to experience Triglav National Park and the grand lake itself. 

How to Get There 

It is not that hard to get to the lake since most visitors usually go to Triglav National Park for one to two days during their visit to Bled. As mentioned earlier, Lake Bohinj is just a stone’s throw away from the more popular Lake Bled. For those who are coming from Ljubljana, the capital city, you can expect to arrive at the lake after driving for 1 hour and 45 minutes. 

Bohinjska Bistrica has the train station closest to the area. This is a huge settlement near Ribcev Laz, a tiny village found on the eastern portion of Bohinj Lake. Despite being this close, you still need to rride a cab so you can get to the town of Ribcev Laz. 

You can also ride the buses that can take you from Bled to the lake, no matter what time of the year it might be. However, these buses run less frequently during winter months so see to it that you check the schedule first before you plan your trip to the area. 

Whether you are coming from Europe or not, it is recommended that you drive on your own when you visit the place. You can stop at the capital city or in any other areas then rent a car from there. 

It is a wise decision to rent a car when exploring Slovenia since it will give you more freedom in exploring all the natural sites and small towns that are usually right off the track of most tourist trails. Although you can pretty much get around Europe by buses and trains with ease, driving yourself gives you time to stop wherever or whenever you feel like doing so mainly because Slovenia has so much to offer to its visitors. 

The Beauty That is Lake Bohinj 

With its name inspired from the valley surrounding it, Bohinj Lake offers a picturesque escape from the region’s more visited and crowded areas. Slovenia’s largest glacial lake, its waters remain crisp all year round. Its accompanying rivers liberating and nourishing the lake are perfect spots for fishing, kayaking, and hiking alongside. 

The shoreline is dotted with swimming areas and you can also rent guided kayaks, ferries, and canoes. What’s good here is that with its length of 4 kilometers and width of 1 kilometer, the place doesn’t feel crowded at all. It won’t be difficult for you to just sit quietly and take in the beautiful mountainous back drop as you bask in the tranquil ambiance and pure mountain air. 

Ribčev Laz settlement is found at the southeastern tip of the lake where you can find St. John the Baptist, a 16th century church with an attractive stone bridge that spans along the flowing Sava Bohinjka below. Pod Skalco is a nearby beer garden enclosed with lush trees and tucked up against an impressive rock wall where you can have the chance to end the day enjoying some grilled fare and local beer. 

Beyond Lake Bohinj, there is a surrounding wilderness cloaking the same peaceful serenity over the nearby valley. There are two-dozen panoramic villages spread across the value, including Stara Fužina, Srednja Vas v Bohinju and Bohinjska Bistrica just to name a few. Each one of these villages can be your go-to base as you explore and discover the area. 

With their beauty that looks like they came straight from forgotten fairytales, these small hamlets give you the chance to be close to nature, take on a slower pace and just enjoy the moment as you pass them by. Every village also has some bed and breakfasts as well as guesthouses or gostilna. They all come together to give travelers a hearty and warm welcome and a perfect respite not only for the body but also for the mind and soul. 

Neighboring fields are grazed by horses and cattle while winding roads snake through impossibly tiny towns, complete with an address system that can be a serious challenge even to the most experienced travelers. Indeed, a visit to the area, even if it is just for a day or two, can easily give you memories you will surely treasure for life. 

Activities to Try at Lake Bohinj

Bohinj Lake is the best destination for year-round water activities such as swimming, wind surfing, boat riding, canoeing or kayaking, diving, and fishing when the months are warmer and ice skating during winter months. Visitors could also go on a great ride at the tourist boat or better yet, just relax while you take a stroll along the shore. 

There are still many wonders in the world that are yet to be discovered and Lake Bohinj can just be one of them. 

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