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Fall in Love with the Musical City of Salzburg

Fall in Love with the Musical City of Salzburg

The city of Salzburg is known to be one of the exquisitely beautiful cities of Austria. But there is one good reason why a lot of people are excited to see the city. This city is also musically gifted that even if you don’t have any musical inclination, you will surely have a fun time exploring the place. 

Whether you have an innate love for music, there are a lot of things that await you the moment you arrive in this Austrian gem.

Experience The Sound of Music Tour

There is something about Hollywood that makes it ruin the image of a certain city, particularly one that has risen to popularity thanks to the all-time longest standing musical film that attracts more than 300,000 tourists every year. But, even if some of the scenes in the 1965 movie can be found right at the heart of the city, most remain outside of it that you can only access through careful planning as well as a special permission. Of course, you also have the choice to hop on the bus for The Sound of Music Panorama Tours. 

The original Sound of music tour – Salzburg, Austria

Now, if you are someone who prefers bouncing and exploring around on your own sweet time, going on a bus tour might not really sound like a great option. However, the moment you go for that ride, you can expect to have one of most fun experiences you ever had. The bus tour often gets filled with excited fans of The Sound of Music who sing to the songs How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria, My Favorite Things, Do Re Me, and all the famous tunes from the film while gazing out the window to admire the green vistas of Salzburg. Panorama Tours also came up with a multi-stop sing-along schedule that runs daily throughout the year mainly because it is very in demand. 

The tour stops at several highlights such as the other part of the pond of Schloss Leopoldskron, the white gazebo popular for Sixteen Going on Seventeen. Take note that is only accessible if you will be staying at the property. This passes the Villa Trapp’s outskirts then heads out to that church where Captain Von Trapp and Maria tied the knot, then finishes at the stunning Schloss Mirabell in the city. You can also dance on Pegasus fountain and take a gorgeous photo of you with the popular stairs at Mirabell Gardens in the background. 

This tour also gives you the chance to go out and explore the surrounding verdant nature of the city of Salzburg and get a glimpse of the Untersberg or the panoramas that were used for the Sound of Music’s opening scenes. Although the city abounds with cycle paths and gardens, the stunning mountain ranges of Festungberg, Kapuzinerberg, and Mönchsberg embraces the city with the river Salzach dividing the modern and old districts. 

The Panorama Tours bus also lets you weave through the mountainous valleys, passing a half dozen lakes that will introduce you to Salzburgerland state and its stunning diversity. 

Fans of The Sound of Music must never miss the chance taking the Panorama Tours bus all around the primary locations of the film as well as out to the nearby lake areas. The Salzburg Marionette Theater and the Salzburg State Theater are both showing the musical.

Honor Mozart During Your Visit 

Mozart is no doubt the most popular son of Salzburg, born and bred in the city and forever remains as a part of the legacy. 

Mozart was born in 1756 in Getreidegasse 9 and today, his fans and even non-fans are all flocking just to take a photo outside the brightly painted yellow façade of the building that now includes a permanent exhibition of his career and life.

Mozart Square in Salzburg
Mozart Square is located in the center of Salzburg’s old town

Once you are done capturing photos, make sure you indulge yourself in a bite or two of Mozartkugel chocolate, whose blue and silver wrapper serves as its mark of being the Original Salzburger Mozartkugel. This is the real deal unlike the gold and red wrapped souvenir style of Mozartkugels that you can find in other areas around Austria. There is also a great sense of pride here for the Mozartkugel, that tasty combination of green marzipan that is layered with dark chocolate and nougat that you can purchase from Furst on Brodgasse.

It was in year 1890 when Paul Furst, a master confectioner, came up with this treat and it was named after the composer of the city who was not yet that popular by that time. To this day, this treat remains produced by hand using the original recipe. It even tastes much better compared to the ones that are mass produced. 

Discover the Silent Night Song’s Origins

Winter in the city of Salzburg is not only among the most romantic spots for everything related to Christmas and advent. In case you don’t know it yet, the city is also the origin of the popular Silent Night song. Considered as the most popular of all the Christmas Carols, the city is pivotal to the origins of this song with the seven locations that are associated with it.

Joseph Mohr
The author of the German original text of Silent Night is the pastor Joseph Mohr

The writer of the song text of Silent Night, Joseph Mohr, was born in the city and a resident of Steingasse 31. Approximately half an hour from the city, in the wider SalzburgerLand, you can also drop by at the Arnsdorf village. This is where Franz Xaver, a schoolteacher, composed Silent Night for the first time before he moved to the nearby Oberndorf village where the Silent Night Chapel is located.

200 Years Silent Night

As you can see, there are a lot of exciting things that await you in Salzburg, whether you are into music or not. Make sure you honor the legends of the moment you arrive in the city and embark on musical journeys. And once you are done with your musical tour, you can start exploring the stories behind its art, architecture, trendy neighborhoods, and old alleyways that are all the more reason for you to visit the city.

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