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Tips to Enjoy Rome for Solo Travelers

Tips to Enjoy Rome for Solo Travelers

If you are a romantic by heart, Rome is the best place to be. This is why you might feel a bit awkward to travel and explore the city alone. Good thing that the city is a truly welcoming and exciting destination that it wouldn’t be much of a challenge even if you fly solo. 

Most of the time, travelling solo can help you do, explore, and see more since you can customize your itinerary on the spot depending on your mood. Pull out that Italian phrasebook and prepare to see and discover the Eternal City and all its splendors. 

Wander Around Roma on Your Own 

What’s the best thing about being in Rome all by yourself? There is no need for you to argue with anyone when it comes to directions. The city is an enormous one that encourages and promotes exploration of the side streets. The great news is that the public transport of the city is just within reach. 

Get a Roma Pass that includes public transport for free for a certain number of days. It will never cost you fortune even if you end up riding the bus, tram, trolley, or metro in just one afternoon. This pass will also give you free admission to several archeological sites and museums all over the city if you happen to be a culture aficionado. This means that when you are in this romantic city, roam all you want. For all you know, some of the finest things here are found in off the beaten tracks. 

Espresso for One, Please

Rome’s coffee culture is no doubt well and alive. On a nice weather, sidewalk cafes in the city brim with people who bask under the sun, grab a refreshing drink, and admire crowds of faces who head to school or work every day. 

Blend in by heading to the nearest café and order an espresso or even a doppio if you feel like you can use a double shot and stand at a table. Many locals don’t really bother sitting at a table if they only want to grab a quick drink to kickstart their day. 

Fit in further by skipping the cappuccino after your lunch because for Italians, it is bad for their digestion to drink hot milk in the afternoon. Grab a latte instead and voila, you got a delish coffee to go. 

Enjoy a Safe and Good Night 

If you are a female solo traveler, it is best to be extra cautious when nighttime comes. It won’t really be a problem to dine in the Piazza Navona or the Pizza della Republica after dark. However, there are several nightlife hotspots wherein you might get into iffy situations if you are woman on your own. For female solo travelers, hail a licensed taxi to go back to your hotel after indulging in a few glasses of house wine or vini della casa. You can also join an organized pub or wine crawls, which is a much safer way of meeting new faces in the Eternal City. 

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